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کریں ھومیو پیتھی سے صحت بحال چاھے آپ کا مسلہ کچھ بھی ھو کتنا ھی پرانا کیوں نہ ھو نا امیدی کفر ھے
ازدواجی زندگی کوخوزگوار بنانا ھو یا زندگی میں نئ بہار لانا ھو
ھومیو پیتھک علاج تمام مضر اثرات سے پاک سستا اور با اثر
کمر درد ، ٹانگوں میں درد ، ایڑی میں درد، سر درد ھومیو پیتھی سے علاج ممکن ھے
Dr.Muhammad Qasim Taimouri BHMS-DHMS
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 Best Homoeopathic Remedies to reduce Uric Acid

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Best Homoeopathic Remedies to reduce Uric Acid Empty
PostSubject: Best Homoeopathic Remedies to reduce Uric Acid   Best Homoeopathic Remedies to reduce Uric Acid EmptyTue Jun 26, 2018 8:09 am

There are few Best Homoeopathic Medicines which are very effective in Chronic Kidney Diseases & to control Uric Acid.

Number 1- Urtica U
Number 2- Berberis V
Number 3 - Lyco
Number 4- Benzoic acid
Number 5-Ledum
Number 6-Arnica

Warning -Self Medication cannot give you good results please always consult with Homoeopathic Consultant Because only he knows how to use & repeat these remedies. only he can decide the right potency as per patient state and symptoms.

Contact us for Online Consultation at + 92 334 8917159

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Best Homoeopathic Remedies to reduce Uric Acid
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