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کریں ھومیو پیتھی سے صحت بحال چاھے آپ کا مسلہ کچھ بھی ھو کتنا ھی پرانا کیوں نہ ھو نا امیدی کفر ھے
ازدواجی زندگی کوخوزگوار بنانا ھو یا زندگی میں نئ بہار لانا ھو
ھومیو پیتھک علاج تمام مضر اثرات سے پاک سستا اور با اثر
کمر درد ، ٹانگوں میں درد ، ایڑی میں درد، سر درد ھومیو پیتھی سے علاج ممکن ھے
Dr.Muhammad Qasim Taimouri BHMS-DHMS
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 Homeopathic Medicines for Brain Affections ((Anaemia, Congestion, Inflammation)

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Homeopathic Medicines for Brain Affections ((Anaemia, Congestion, Inflammation) Empty
PostSubject: Homeopathic Medicines for Brain Affections ((Anaemia, Congestion, Inflammation)   Homeopathic Medicines for Brain Affections ((Anaemia, Congestion, Inflammation) EmptyThu Apr 07, 2011 12:09 pm

Homeopathic Medicines for Brain Affections

#Aconite [Acon]
Aconite suits active cerebral congestion from heat of the sun or due to sudden emotional excitement. It suits the first stage of idiopathic inflammation of the brain,thirst,delirium and vertigo point to it. Any noise or light will aggravate the condition,and the eyes feel as if starting from their sockets.
#Belladonna [Bell]
This remedy has congestion and cerebral irritation with hot head, cold feet,throbbing carotids and headache. There are sharp, shooting pains in the head,which make the patient cringe. These pains are stabbing, come suddenly last indefinitely and cease suddenly, and they may be accompanied with vomiting. It is the prime remedy in the cerebral congestions of childhood. The child will bore the head into the pillow, have strabismus and convulsions. There is also a stupor out of the which the patient can hardly be aroused, and when aroused is very violent and delirious. Glonoine is very similar; it has a great rush of blood to the head and a sensation as if the head were enormously large and crowded with blood. It is aggravated by bending backward, relieved by motion and uncovering the head, while Belladonna is relieved by bending backward and by covering the head and is aggravated by motion.

#Hyoscyamus [Hyos]
Hyoscyamus is suitable for cerebral inflammation with pulsating waves through the head, relieved by shaking the head or sitting with the head bent forward, which is the opposite of Belladonna. Kali bromatum. This remedy has numb sensations in the head brought on by overwork.

#Stramonium [Stram]
This remedy suits inflammatory conditions of the brain with violent delirium or epileptiform seizures. Vertigo is a prominent symptom and also a transient blindness. It is especially useful in brain involvement in epilepsy. Veratrum viride suites the active form of cerebral hyperaemia. There is a full bounding pulse and symptoms of mania and convulsions

A most valuable remedy for cerebral anaemia. There is disposition to faint, anaemic murmurs in the vessels in the neck; there is an appearance of full bloodedness, but the flesh is flabby and soft, and the patients are really very weak and anaemic. Arsenicum is especially indicated in cerebral anaemia due to malaria or as a result of excessive use of quinine. There is great depression of the vital forces, nausea, bloating of the hands, feet and face and other Arsenicum symptoms. Cinchona. Anaemia due to long-continued drains on the system indicate this remedy.

#Nux vomica [Nux-v]
Nux suits anaemia of the brain brought on by a long-continuous over- stimulation caused by spirituous liquors, mental overwork and dissipation in general. It suits also softening of the brain due to sedentary habits and intemperance. The headache characteristic of the drug is present, the gastric symptoms, the unsteady gait, and the vertigo. The memory is weakened, the patient is sleepless. Anacardium. This drug is especially to be thought of in loss memory. Opium. This remedy suits a passive cerebral congestion with great heaviness of the head and vertigo on rising. It produces a continual sopor, even insensibility, with dark redness of the face and coldness and paleness of the rest of the body. The pulse is slow and the breathing is stertorous; it suits hyperaemia of the brain dependent upon sedentary life.

#Phosphorus [Phos]
Phosphorus suits anaemic of the brain, the result of mental work or incident to the development of tuberculosis. It also suits softening of the brain with persistent headache, vertigo, formication and numbness in the limbs; the patients are weak, tired and have a great difficulty in walking. Jahr speaks warmly of its power in this affection. Baryta carbonica corresponds to premature loss of memory and childishness in old people, to sclerotic condition of the brain with excessive irritation of all the nerves; tumors in the brain may cause symptoms corresponding to Baryta.

#Zincum metallicum
A useful remedy in old chronic cases of cerebral anaemia, especially if brought about by the excessive use of the bromide of potassium. It is also a useful remedy for brain affection in the course of scarlet fever or summer complaints. Paralytic condition from cerebral softening may need Zincum. Rhus corresponds to senile changes in the brain. There is a swashing sensation in the brain when moving the head. It also suits paralytic troubles from brain diseases.
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Homeopathic Medicines for Brain Affections ((Anaemia, Congestion, Inflammation)
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