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ازدواجی زندگی کوخوزگوار بنانا ھو یا زندگی میں نئ بہار لانا ھو
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 Testosterone: Role Of Testosterone In Health And Sexuality

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Testosterone: Role Of Testosterone In Health And Sexuality Empty
PostSubject: Testosterone: Role Of Testosterone In Health And Sexuality   Testosterone: Role Of Testosterone In Health And Sexuality EmptyMon Oct 11, 2010 9:49 pm

Testosterone: Role Of Testosterone In Health And Sexuality

Testosterone is a male hormone which plays a vital role in a man’s health and sexuality. So when your level of testosterone is high, at that time you will be sexually very strong I am agree with veer that sex power is related with our mind, because mind controls hormones.

Some time you experience you are more interested in sex or your sexual feelings get very high early in the morning, do you know why? Because early morning testosterone hormones level increase 30% then night that’s why mostly people like sex early morning mostly and one thing more we experience daily very hard erection early morning, why? Because testosterone sex hormones level is high at that time.

All medicine which are available for sex power how these medicine works, mostly medicine increase hormones levels or increase blood circulation for hard penis erection but just hard erection is not sex power. According to my point of view sex power is related with normal function of reproductive organs and hormones if there is any problem person sexually will be weak, hormones, reproductive organs growth and functions control by brain so veer is also right.

To increase sex power or to increase testosterone hormones production we need food or supplement rich with zinc and vitamin B because zinc and vitamin B increase testosterone production.

Confidence play a major roll in sexual intercourse doctor kk mentioned a story in his article that how his friend patients cured with one injection of water, so without confidence you can not perform sexual intercourse, so at the time of sex you should be free from stress ,tension, worries and fear, otherwise you will be fail in intercourse. To improve sex power you need to improve the production of testosterone sex hormones.

Testosterone function

· Ye el male sex hormone hy jis ki kummi kee waja say murd na murd ho jaty hen, murdana kumzori yani lack of male sexualpawor ho jati hy ess k sath sath muscles weak or backache or cher-cheraa pun be es hormone ki kumi say payda ho jata hy.

· Es k elawa ye hormone penis ki groth meh ehm kerdaar adaa kurta hy

· Face or bughul (axilla) or chaati py baal b essi hormone ki budolaat aty hen

· Naaf k nechy pubic heir b esi hormone ki budolaat aty hen

· Murdana awaaz meh murdaana pun r bhaari pun esi hormone ki budolaat ata hy

· Mudana wujaahaat , juwamurdi, dil kusshi, or khobsoorti b essi hormone ki budoolat hoti hy.

· Ye he hormone penis ko erection k qaabil bnaata hy

· Esi hormone ki achi production or achy level ki waja sy mud woman sy sexual intercourse kur sukta hy,

· Secondary sex characteristics esi hormone ki waja sy appear hoti hen.

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Testosterone: Role Of Testosterone In Health And Sexuality
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